Danish perspective on Aussie Trip

Danish perspective on Aussie Trip


Note: this review was written in Danish and has been translated for the purposes of this article. (Original Story: http://gub-gymnastik.dk/?p=2891)

This summer we took 4 from Outrup Power Tumbling to Australia to become even better at their favourite sport.

It all started back in 2015 at the youth World Age Championships at home in Denmark. Coach Christian who is also Danish coach was obviously participating. Australia were also participating at this World Competition and they came flying, something many probably had not anticipated. They took the gold medal and finals places for nearly all their participants and it woke interest. The common denominator was the club and the coach, the very ambitious tumbling coach from Australia Dima Kachan. On a daily Dima is found at Kachan School of Tumbling & Performance, a club he owns together with his wife Bec.

The contact has been established over a chat; tumbling, this and that. An opportunity arose and the chance was taken.

Now we see how to do it by Kachan. A small jump centre with super talents in a remote corner of the world in relation to Tumbling, where the largest part of the World Competitions held in Europe.

Ida: There are no restrictions for them and their mentality is something special.

Victoria: Cool place with a lot of good energy and super happy people.

Oliver: It was great that you could work out things that would not be possible.

Christian: Coach and conditions of class, the right mental attitude and hard work.

Quickly we found out they actually have very similar conditions as us, if you consider attempts earlier in Outrup etc. landing zone is short 4 m. and narrow 2.5 m. The centre is tailored to this particular sport, nothing else. What also really makes this unique centre for world-class level is their bungee system they have developed themselves. An inspiring leaps centre that is set up in an ordinary concrete hall. World class.

Why does Australia or rather Kachan suddenly have so many exciting gymnasts and jumps well into World Championships? What is the key?

Free form very many answers, that I believe is most telling is: Dima and Bec Kachan, the club is vital forces, owners and inspiration to young people. They have made the centre what it is today with their own money and put everything into the centre. It reeks of options and it can be felt throughout the club. The Club as I see it is a huge family here to do everything together: hard work, good times, fun evenings, friends, family. It is a great space for development where you have personal support all the way because your training buddies and coach is so close to you.

Training mentality and the hours are something quite different from what we know of in Denmark. Here you train before you take to school three days of the week. In addition, you train if you are elite every day after school from about 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It’s certainly something we cannot catch up with.

Kachan School of Tumbling is really sharp in their teaching and there is nothing they do not measure or take notes on. Even the very young gymnasts have small checklists they follow, both for physical, heating, technology and everything else workout. It comes from the start of their tumbling. The centre is built and developed by Dima himself, he builds tools that fit directly to the objectives and work continually in developing new ideas.

We are very proud to say in the future we will be working together with Kachan School of Tumbling and correspond for further regarding tumbling, the development of the sport and the gymnasts. We look forward to more good times and exciting work. This is hopefully to already be seen again next summer and autumn of 2017 where we hopefully will host a visit.
Christian: If you want to do something with his Tumbling in Australia then Kachan School of Tumbling somewhere I would highly recommend. I can widely tell that we all can learn a lot by looking at what they do elsewhere than in Denmark. We are going to see many talents come here in the future. They do something very special here and we are proud we’ve had the opportunity just to get this experience. Big thanks to family Kachan for making it possible for us!