KSTP to host Danish Tumblers

KSTP to host Danish Tumblers


Kachan School of Tumbling & Performance are excited to be hosting 3 tumblers and their coach who are travelling from Denmark for a three week stay to immerse themselves in the Australian culture and KSTP’s coaching methods.

The opportunity has come about through connections Dima (club director/head coach/State coach/National coach) made during the World Age Group Competition in Odense, Denmark in 2015, where he was the Head Tumbling Coach.

During their time abroad, Dima had five of his six athletes finish in the top ten, three of which competed in the finals with one becoming the World Age Group Champion in under 15 Men’s.  These results have not been seen by Australian tumblers before, and it is from these results that KSTP is gaining worldwide interest from tumbling schools alike.

During the three weeks, the athletes and coach will train alongside our high performance athletes, attending morning and afternoon sessions and holiday club clinics. The athletes will have the opportunity to compete at the State Levels Trial in August, which will provide an opportunity for the athletes to showcase their skills.  And of course we are very keen to show them around beautiful Sydney.

While the Danish are here to gain knowledge from Dima and his team, we are just as eager to learn techniques from the Danish team.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our coaches and athletes to make new friendships and learn from each other, we are all looking forward to embracing the experience.

Introducing the team from Outrup Power Tumbling

Danes 3

We are 3 tumblers and 1 coach. On daily basis we live in the west part of Denmark. All have connection to the Danish national tumbling team. Weekly we train approximately 4 times in the gymnastics centre in Outrup Power Tumbling. Then we have to work the physical at home. We just love our sport and want it more and more.

All of us have competed international, world cups, worlds and we have been travelling to other countries for training camps as well.

Our head coach Christian is really into power tumbling and he has established connection to Australia, Dima Kachan during worlds in Denmark. We wanted to try something totally new and special, we have been to USA before during our summer break but wanted something more. We believe Kachan School of tumbling and performance can give us that experience.

We want to develop new skills and passes for the future, getting to know the Australian tumblers.  The Coach is here to learn how to do it the Australian way, how the daily bases for gymnastics centre is working.  The Danish way is different; we know that for a fact.

Always looking for other ways to train and develop new training methods. Hopefully we establish a connection between Outrup Power Tumbling and Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance, were we have opportunities to travel and share experience.

We are looking forward getting all of you to know and enjoy our summer travels with you. We are always up for trips and training, and learning about the culture. Hoping for lots of new friends and a strong connection between Kachan School of Tumbling and Outrup Power Tumbling.

Victoria Thomsen, 12 years old.
Have been training tumbling since the age of 8. She’s the little girl in this company, but do not underestimate her, she is really fast and fun. On this trip she is selected to be the minister of cultural experience and physical training.  Not the shopping type but the sporty type.
National champion in her age group 2016, and Worlds competitor.
Power series campaign winner this season in Denmark.
She is here to improve her passes and develop new passes and getting new skills.  Actually her second time in Australia, but first tumbling trip outside Europe and for this long.

Ida Pagård, 19 years old.
Have been doing tumbling since the age of 11. The serious type of the company. Always hard working at the gym and the blonde on this trip. She is the minister of shopping (self-appointed) and selfies.
World cup finalist in Portugal, several Danish medals.
She is looking forward getting back on track after a year of injuries. Hoping for new and stable passes for the next year.
She likes shopping a lot, but never afraid of a sport challenge.  First time to Australia, but have been to USA on training camp before.

Oliver Termansen, 19 years old.
Have been doing tumbling since the age of 9. The computer geek of the trip, and minister of Wi-Fi connections and new skills department. He is fast and always gets down on his feet, no matter how many rotations or twist. Always up for a game on the computer or phone.
World age group medallist in 2014 in 17-18 age group bronze.
World cup senior finalist in China
National junior champion in 2014
2nd place senior nationals 2015
3rd place power series campaign this season
First time to Australia, but have been on training camp in USA.
He is looking forward to get into his new passes, and getting the details perfected.

Christian Hansen, 27 years old.
Has never been tumbling, but have started his own club, Outrup Power Tumbling at age 18, also coach for the national team.  The demanding type of the company.
He is the minister of travelling and justice (always in his favour)
He has world cups and worlds under his belt, and several national champions every year.
He is always up for training and other sports.
Looking forward to the Australian sports culture, Kachan School of Tumbling, learning more about the Australian champions and working together with Kachan School of tumbling.
First time to Australia, but have been travelling most of the world, backpacking and national team.

Danes 1