2019 National Clubs Carnival 

Kachan School of Tumbling & Performance took a team of 33 athletes to the Gold Coast for the National Clubs Carnival, one of our favourite events on the competition calendar. This is a competition for athletes competing level 4 and above and a competition whereby athletes compete individually for their club, earning points based on results.

This year’s competition was also the final qualifier for the World Championships and the World Age Group Competition that will be held in Japan later in the year, with KSTP having 13 athletes vying for a spot on the National team for the World Age competition and 4 for the World Championships, the first time KSTP will have senior athletes on the National Senior Team.
With the combined results from our athletes KSTP walked away with 2nd Overall Club Champions, a massive achievement that we are so proud of.  Other club results were;
1st Tumbling discipline champion club
1st Level 7 champion club
2nd Level 6 champion club
3rd DMT discipline champion club
3rd Elite levels champion club
3rd Level 4 champion club
3rd Level 5 champion club
6th Trampoline discipline champion club

We are so impressed with each of the athlete’s performance, the way they represented our club and themselves they should be very proud of themselves. Each athlete showcased what they can do, with many performing their personal best, some overcoming nerves for their first National competition, all athletes are superstars in our eyes.
Special mention goes to our medallists;

Gold medallists
Alexsa Kachan, Level 5 Tumbling
Alysse Duffy, Level 6 Tumbling
Ayla Knappick, Level 7 DMT and Level 6 Tumbling
Blake Grainger, Level 6 DMT
Cheyanna Robinson, Senior DMT
Jack Hemmings, Level 7 DMT and Senior Tumbling
Jaid Otrupeck, Junior U22 Tumbling
Jordan Grbac, Level 4 Tumbling
Joshua Blench, Youth U13 Tumbling
Koralee Catlett, Youth U15 DMT
Rylee McKeon, Youth U13 Tumbling
Tamia Fonua, Youth U15 Tumbling
Timofei Kachan, Level 4 Tumbling

Silver Medallists;
Bailey Douglass, Level 4 Tumbling
Cheyanna Robinson, Senior Tumbling
Damon Louwen, Youth U15 DMT and Youth U15 Tumbling
Eli Maroun, Level 5 Tumbling
Ethan McGuinness, Senior Tumbling
Hayley Sepping, Level 7 Trampoline
Koralee Catlett, Youth U15 Tumbling
Tahlia Kaden, Level 6 Tumbling

Bronze Medallists;
Blake Grainger, Senior Tumbling
Cheyanna Robinson, Junior U22 Trampoline
Jessica McKeon, Level 4 Tumbling
Joshua Blench, Youth U13 DMT
Koralee Catlett, Youth U15 Trampoline
Molly Mamo, Youth U15 DMT & Youth U15 Tumbling

For full KSTP results download here.

Thank you to Gymnastics Australia, the officials, judges and volunteers for what was yet again a truly fantastic event. To our families as always, we thank you for your support, we hope you enjoyed your family time away. Finally, our staff, judges and coaches, you are simply the best! We would choose no other team to help guide our athletes through these experiences. Your commitment and support are truly admirable.

So humbled and proud we are grateful for this lifestyle we have chosen, which allows us to see children reach their full potential as they grow into amazing individuals.

Congratulations Team KSTP!