School Holiday Programs at KSTP

School holidays at KSTP is a time where we can offer more one off programs to the community. These include school holiday recreation programs, tumbling workshops and private lessons. If awaiting dates on the website check with us at

Fun & Fitness Days
Our recreation holiday program is suitable for children (almost 5) to 11 years. An action packed day is how we would best describe our Fun & Fitness Program. There is no experience necessary, our Fun & Fitness program uses all the equipment in the gym including the trampolines, airfloors, ropes and gymnastics equipment. Our day starts with warmup games and stretching. Children are then put into age groups where they move around the circuit stations. A break for lunch and some outdoor play or indoor craft before ending the day with more games and our ninja circuit. Cost is $30 per person for 6 hours of fun!

Tumbling Workshops
Tumbling Workshops at KSTP are specially designed to enhance skills for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts. With two separate workshops; beginners and advanced this enables us to teach correct technique for the level of the participant.
Beginners: an introduction to the basics to assist refine tumbling skills and technique. This is a two hour workshop. Advanced: work on connecting skills such as back handsprings, back tuck, layout and twisting combinations. This is a two and a half hour workshop.

Private Lessons
Our private lessons are held with our accredited coaches and start at 45mins for $50 and are popular with dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts. The advantage of the private lesson is the participant can concentrate directly on the area they are working on achieving. To enquire about a private lesson, send an email to us at telling us what it is your child is working on, this will help us match you with the right coach.