Why choose Trampoline Gymnastics for your child?
Trampoline gymnastics is one of the seven gymsports under Gymnastics Australia.  The disciplines under trampoline gymnastics are tumbling (also known as power tumbling), double mini trampoline and individual and synchronized trampoline.  You can find more information on these disciplines in the ‘about’ section of our website.  The fundamentals of trampoline gymnastics promote coordination, aerial awareness, control and focus

Why choose KSTP for your child?
KSTP is a Gymnastics NSW Centre of Excellence and the home to the GymNSW High Performance Tumbling Program.  We are a family run business and have been operating since 2010.  We are passionate about what we do and how we go about it.  Being Hawkesbury locals, we are invested in our local community.  As for knowledge in our field our results at State, National and International level speak for themselves. 

I heard KSTP concentrates on Tumbling, what is the difference?
Tumbling is gymnastics but without the apparatus ie: bars, beams etc, instead we use competition rod floors, airfloors, double/single mini trampolines and trampolines.  Typically, a child who enjoys the power elements of gymnastics as opposed to the dance elements will love trampoline gymnastics.

What will my child learn?
Gymnastics teaches the foundations for all sports including coordination, flexibility, strength and balance. The Gymnastics NSW motto is ‘Start Here, Go Anywhere’ and we can’t agree more.  At an introductory level your child will learn forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels.  From here they can move through our pathways and learn somersaults, handsprings, flips and twists.  When they move into our competitive pathway, they will learn combinations of these  skills on all apparatus. 

KSTP is a High Performance Centre for Tumbling, do you have classes just for fun for my child?
You are correct, KSTP is the home of Australia’s Tumbling High Performance Team, a collaboration between Gymnastics NSW and KSTP.  However, KSTP have excellent recreation programs for children from 18months in KinderGym to 15years in our teenager classes.  We have children who are happy to come for one session a week, while others have  fallen in love with our sport and train multiple sessions in a week.

Can I try a class before committing?
Absolutely, actually we recommend it.  We offer a Free ‘Come and Try’ class, these trials are done in the most age appropriate class for the child.  Has your child been attending another club in a squad or competitive program?  If so, our club manager will have a discussion with you prior to the trial and recommend the most suitable program to trial in.  

How do I book a Free ‘Come and Try’ class?
The best way is to click our ‘contact us‘ or ‘book a free trial‘ tab on our website.  One of our friendly administration team will be in contact with you with options.

What do I wear and bring to my trial?
For your child’s free trial, they should wear comfortable clothing such as shorts/leggings and tshirt (girls to wear crop top underneath). Children should bring a pair of socks, drink bottle filled with water and their smile.

Can I try a class any time of the year?
Yes, unlike a lot of sports, you can join a class any time as our coaches work to the level of the students. 

What are the startup costs when I join?
When joining KSTP there are two startup costs.  Our club registration is $40 and is a one off, this includes the club tshirt to wear to class.  The other charge is your child’s Gymnastics Australia Affiliation which is $60 for recreation and $90 for competition programs, this is an annual fee from January to December.  If your child has come from another club in the same year, the affiliation fee is transferred over.

What is the uniform at KSTP?
For classes, our uniform policy is pretty relaxed however guidelines are in place for safety and suitability.  On registration children receive their club tshirt to wear to class, this can be worn with comfy shorts which allows the child to move.  Girls of all ages are required to wear a crop top under their tshirt. 
An alternate for girls in competitive programs and squads is a KSTP training leotard or crop top and shorts and boys can choose to wear a club training singlet or a plain white singlet with the black shorts rather than the red tshirt.  No belts or shorts with zippers, no jewellery or watches are to be worn.

What qualifications do your coaches have?
All our coaches are qualified and accredited with Gymnastics Australia.  They have their required level of accreditation and those over 18 have their Working With Children Check and first aid.

Is my child insured?
When you join you will be required to pay the Gymnastics Australia Affiliation Fee.  This registers your child and includes their insurance.  The insurance is an annual fee and covers students from January to December.

What happens if I miss a class?
We offer make-up classes in our recreation programs; the make-up class needs to be done within the term.

Do you offer sibling discounts?
Being a family business, families are particularly important to us.  Sibling discounts are; eldest child pays full fee, 20% off second child, 40% third child, 60% fourth child.  The discounts are off the fees only and does not include club registration or affiliation. 

Can I use my Active Kids Voucher?
Absolutely, we are an Active Kids Provider.

Do you offer refunds?
KSTP has a no refund policy for change of mind.  We do however offer a refund with a doctor’s certificate when two or more weeks needs to be missed due to a serious illness or injury.  We may credit classes for family vacations of two weeks or more if notice is given.

Can I stay to watch my child?
We invite parents to watch the first trial class, thereafter due to room we ask parents to drop and go.  In our daytime under 5 classes, parents have the option of sitting in the foyer or drop and go.  We invite parents and grandparents of our under 5’s to watch the last class of term.

Why doesn’t my child always have the same coach?
Our coaches are allocated to an ongoing roster to ensure consistency for the students, however there are times when your child may have another coach.  This could be if a coach is off sick or when competitions are on and the coach either is competing themselves, coaching at the venue or judging.  In these times we strive to allocate a coach with the same accreditation to cover the class.

Where can Tumbling take me?
Tumbling is currently not on Olympic event, however it is a sport with international competitions so there is certainly some room for growth within it.  KSTP is actively involved with State and National teams, with many National titles and World Age titles and even Senior World Championships representatives. With such impressive results you are at the club that can see your child become a strong representative for their State and Country.

My child loves the sport, how long will it take my child to move up and how will I know they’re ready?
There is no set timeline in any sport as to when a child achieves a benchmark in which to move to the next phase however at KSTP we aim to build confidence and a sense of achievement within every child no matter their skill level or ability.  Our programs are designed to cover a wide span of physical activities so they will always be learning new things.  
At KSTP we continually monitor the students and when we feel they are ready to move up we approach the parents.  In addition to this, we undertake reviews at the end of each term.  Should a child see that this is the sport for them, having a parent communicate this with us assists us with their goal. 

I have been doing a different discipline of gymnastics at an elite level, can I change to Tumbling?
Often MAG and WAG gymnasts transition smoothly into trampoline gymnastics as they have a solid foundation of the reqirements needed to become a successful tumbler.  Transitioning into tumbling from any other gymsport is a great way to use what you have already learned and continue as a competitive gymnast.  If this is you, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact our Club Manager for a more in depth discussion.

I have more questions?
Our helpful administration team are happy to speak with you should you have more questions.