Our Mission

“To provide an effective, advantageous and progressive development system within the club structure; through professionalism and quality building a strong foundation for all students, by instilling respect, discipline and a healthy lifestyle”.


Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance (KSTP)  

Kachan School of Tumbling & Performance is a family run business that has been operating since 2009.  Owners Dzmitry and Rebecca Kachan are continually developing the club ensuring the gym has the latest equipment and training aids to assist the athletes. KSTP has been recognized as one of the most sophisticated training clubs in Australia for the sport of Tumbling.

At KSTP, our focus is on providing a quality experience for all our members by nurturing each students strengths and building a sense of confidence and achievement.  The sport of tumbling and trampolining is ideal for boys and girls alike, the focus being on fitness and strength, rather than body image, is we believe a healthy attitude for the development of your child.

Dima is head NSW and Australian tumbling coach.  He has developed National tumbling and trampoline competitors who have gone on to win many titles.  Internationally we have a good reputation in tumbling, with athletes making the finals, wining medals and even becoming World Age Champions such as;

2015 World Age Group Champion in under 15 men tumbling,

2017 World Age Group Champion in 11-12 years women tumbling,

2018 World Age Group Champion in 11-12 years tumbling, and 17-21 years women in double mini trampoline,

2019 World Age Group Champion in 13-14 years tumbling and double mini trampoline. 

In 2019, KSTP had their first Senior representatives at the World Championships, with three athletes in male tumbling and one female in dmt.  At this event we had two of the male tumblers reach the final.  They also competed in the Team Event, the first time Australia has had a male team.

KSTP are not strangers to Senior international events, our athletes have represented Australia at World Cups;

2018 World Cup in Portugal, two athletes made the final in mens tumbling.

2019 World Cup in Spain, Bronze medal in mens tumbling.

2020 World Cup in Baku, Silver medal in mens tumbling.

At KSTP we pride ourselves on employing staff that have a genuine love for tumbling and trampolining, most of whom have trained in our programs previously or are current athletes. Together we work tirelessly ensuring all goals and targets for both the program and the individual are being met.


About the disciplines: 


Gymnasts who excel in this discipline combine a high degree of spatial awareness with power, strength, coordination and courage.  The gymnast has a 25 metre track on which to perform a series of somersaults and twists.  High scoring runs include no less than two double somersaults with additional twisting elements.


Gymnasts perform routines, which contain a variety of twists, bounces and somersaults.  Precise technique and perfect body control are the hallmarks of a good routine, with judges evaluating gymnasts on degree of difficulty, execution and flight time.  While this is an individual sport, at competitions there is a synchronized event where athletes compete the same routine side by side, aiming to be completely in time with one another. Pairings are usually designed so that that skill level of the athletes complements one another. 

Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)

Double Mini is a combination of gymnastics, trampolining and athletics.  Similar to the vault apparatus in artistic gymnastics, athletes sprint down a track, before jumping onto the DMT to perform two skills in a row with numerous twists and flips prior to dismounting onto a landing mat.