2019 Senior World Championships

What a way to celebrate KSTP’s 10th Anniversary than to have our first representatives on the Senior National Team competing in the Senior World Championships.

KSTP’s made history in so many ways at the World Championships that was held at the Ariake Stadium in Tokyo Japan, the newly built stadium was used for the first time before its purpose to hold the gymnastics competition at the 2020 Olympics.

The KSTP representatives were Jack Hemmings, Blake Grainger, Ethan McGuinness in tumbling, Cheyanna Robinson competed in dmt and Dima Kachan was selected as the National Tumbling Head Coach.

When talking about making history, these statistics are exciting for the sport of tumbling and of course our club.

  • Since KSTP began in 2009 there has not been any senior tumblers, male or female.
  • The first time Australia has had a male Tumbling Team (the requirement for the team event is to have four athletes from the same country) with Tasmanian athlete Jacob Smith making the fourth tumbler.
  • The first World Championships Australia has had two tumblers in the Final, Blake Grainger finished in 8th position and Ethan McGuinness in 7th
  • As Australia had tumblers competing at the competition, this satisfied the criteria to have a team in the All-around competition, this was also due to Australia having its first female tumbler, Georgia Beddall from South Australia.

The Team Event saw our boys finish equal third to the USA, however due to a countback rule, were moved to the 4th position.

The competition was an experience our team had not yet experienced, moving up from the age competition to the senior comes with it so much more prestige, which all athletes took in their stride.

All athletes did themselves, our club, and their country proud, with this great team of athletes and so much talent coming up we look forward too many more years of Senior representatives.

Pictured below; Australia’s first FIG Tumbling Team.  L-R Blake Grainger, Ethan McGuinness, Jack Hemmings, Jacob Smith.