Success for KSTP athletes

Kachan School of Tumbling had a team of twenty-four athletes compete at the Senior State Championships over the weekend of 1st to 3rd April at Rooty Hill’s Sydney Gymnastics Centre.  Our team was made up of athletes from the young age of 9 up to our senior team.

The weekend’s competition was also qualifiers for the following;

  • Australian Championships, athletes had their final opportunity to qualify for a spot on the NSW State Team.  Nationals will be held on the Gold Coast in May.
  • The World Games to be held in Birmingham USA in July.  There is 1 Australian position for male Tumbling, female Tumbling and female DMT.  Ethan McGuinness and Jack Hemmings were vying for the spot for Tumbling, Breanah Cauchi and Koralee Catlett vying for a spot for Tumbing, Koralee Catlett and Cheyanna Robinson vying for the DMT spot.  The althletes had to compete in two events, that will then go to the selecting panels for the final decision.

Not only did all our athletes do themselves proud, but they all qualified for their events to compete at the Australian Championships.   A fantastic result, a special mention should go to the athletes who were affected by the recent floods and isolation due to covid, some of which missed up to four weeks of training before the event.

Day 1, was the Tumbling event and the first of the World Games qualifier, Day 2 was the international stream DMT competition and the first World Games qualifier, Day 3 ended with the second World Games qualifier for our seniors and our levels competition for DMT.  The amazing results are below.

It was pleasing to see all the wonderful performances which included some new routines, PB’s and of course all qualifying scores hit. For our seniors, vying for a spot to compete at The World Games, it is a matter of waiting to hear from the selectors!

Finally, thank you to all the parents for your ongoing support and to Gymnastics NSW for hosting such an awesome event.


Name Tumbling DMT
Alexsa Kachan 1st Youth U13 International 1st Youth U13 International
Alysse Duffy 1st Junior U22 International 4th Junior U22 International
Breanah Cauchi 2nd Senior International
Charlie Morgan 1st National Level 5 1st National Level 5
Cheyanna Robinson 3rd Senior International
Clare Houlihan 2nd National Level 6 5th National Level 6
Eli Maroun 2nd National Level 6 2nd National Level 6
Elliot Parnwell 3rd National Level 6 4th National Level 6
Ethan McGuinness 2nd Senior International
Jack Hemmings 1st Senior International
Jordan Josevski 1st National Level 5 1st National Level 5
Joshua Blench 1st Junior U17 International 1st Junior U17 International
Koralee Catlett 1st Senior International 2nd Senior International
Lacey Deguara 3rd National Level 5 4th National Level 5
Lani Gleeson 3rd National Level 6 6th National 6
Lucy Gleeson-Frater 4th National Level 6 2nd National Level 5
Madison Rodd 1st Junior U17 International 3rd Junior U17 International
Matilda Zimmer 2nd National Level 5 3rd National Level 5
Tahlia Kaden 1st National Level 7
Thomas Lewis 6th National Level 6 5th National Level 6
Timofei Kachan 1st National Level 6 1st National Level 6
Xylia Davidson 1st National Level 6 2nd National Level 6
Zak Oaklands 4th National Level 6