Outstanding results for KSTP athletes

The Australian Gymnastics Championships also known as Nationals, is the pinnacle event in Australia for all representative gymnasts. This year, KSTP had 24 athletes qualify on the NSW Trampoline team in tumbling and double mini trampoline disciplines. Out of those 24, 9 of them were competing at Nationals for the very first time. The competition season for these athletes’ starts very early in the year with trials and state championships held in March and April as the selection events for all athletes.

The Australian Championships hosts the best of the best in the country, fighting it out, state against state for top rankings. I speak on behalf of all KSTP state team members, including club head coach and NSW coach Dima, when we say it’s such an honour and privilege to compete for NSW amongst such amazing and supportive athletes and coaches. Whilst our athletes compete individually, there is great team pride and lessons in camaraderie and sportsmanship to be taken from this event. Furthermore the pride gained from competing at Nationals is a great reward for all their commitment and hard work and we cannot be more proud and excited for our entire team.

After 5 days of competition our overall individual medal tally is:

11 gold medals and National Champions

6 silver medals and

4 bronze medals.

On top of these individual medals we had athletes on the following teams:

International women’s team tumbling GOLD. All these athletes were from KSTP. Congratulations to Breanah, Koralee, Alysse and Alexsa

International men’s team tumbling GOLD. KSTP athletes selected for this team were Ethan, Jack and Josh.

International women’s team dmt SILVER. KSTP athletes selected for this team were Cheyanna and Koralee.

NSW also won the Overall Tumbling Trophy, a true representation of the quality of tumbling from all NSW athletes across the whole competition.

A very exciting aspect of this event is that it’s the first trial for athletes seeking qualification for the Australian team in the hopes of competing at the World Age Group Competition (WAGC) and World Championships at the end of this year. With many of our athletes hitting the scores needed in order to be eligible, it’s set to be an exciting year ahead.

KSTP coaches and management wish to congratulate all our athletes along with their families. We hope you all enjoyed the experience of representing your club and state at such a high level and we look forward to your ongoing success both in training and future competition

Name Tumbling DMT Team Event
Alexsa Kachan 1st Youth U13 1st Youth U13 1st Tumbling Team
Alysse Duffy 1st Junior U22 7th Junior U22 1st Tumbling Team
Breanah Cauchi 1st Senior 1st Tumbling Team
Charlie Morgan 1st Level 5 7th Level 5
Cheyanna Robinson 2nd Senior 2nd DMT Team
Clare Houlihan 22nd Level 6 6th Level 6
Eli Maroun 2nd Level 6 15th Level 6
Elliot Parnwell 3rd Level 6 24th Level 6
Ethan McGuinness 1st Senior 1st Tumbling Team
Jack Hemmings 2nd Senior 1st Tumbling Team
Jordan Josevski 1st Level 5 7th Level 5
Joshua Blench 1st Junior U17 14th Youth U17 1st Tumbling Team
Koralee Catlett 2nd Senior 8th Senior 1st Tumbling Team  2nd DMT Team
Lacey Deguara 3rd Level 5 14th Level 5
Lani Gleeson 1st Level 6 11th Level 6
Lucy Gleeson-Frater 3rd Level 6 2nd Level 5
Matilda Zimmer 14th level 5 13th Level 5
Ruby Gleeson-Frater 8th Level 5 12th Level 5
Tahlia Kaden 1st Level 7
Thomas Lewis 7th Level 6 21st Level 6
Timofei Kachan 1st Level 6 9th Level 6
Xylia Davidson 2nd Level 6 12th Level 6
Zak Oaklands 10th Level 6