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KSTP Athletes Impressive Results.

This year was by far KSTP’s most successful Nationals to date and we could not be prouder of our athletes!

The 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships were again held at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena, over two weeks with Trampoline Sports on the second week.

KSTP had 20 club representatives on the NSW State Team, all of who are dedicated and committed to the sport.  Competing over five days across three disciplines; trampoline including synchronized trampoline, double mini trampoline (DMT) and Tumbling, the main focus at KSTP.

KSTP athletes dominated tumbling taking out 9 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals across both age and international events.  Our athletes represented DMT and Trampoline events well too, with many finalists, a bronze medallion in youth synchronized trampoline and a National title on DMT.

Athlete Molly Mamo, who became the World Age Tumbling Champion at last years World event, proved why she is a champion, winning Gold and becoming Australian Champion in Youth Tumbling, Youth DMT, was part of the Champion Women’s Tumbling Team, was a finalist in U15 synchronized trampoline and to top it off was awarded the Gymnastics Australia 2017 Junior Trampoline Sports Female Gymnast of the Year.

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National Champions

Ayla Knappick U13 Tumbling

Alysse Duffy U15 Tumbling

Cheyanna Robinson 17+ Tumbling

Damon Louwen Youth Tumbling

Emily Robertson-Hahn Junior Tumbling

Molly Mamo Youth Tumbling and Youth DMT

Ethan McGuinness Junior Tumbling

Jack Hemmings Senior Tumbling

NSW Female Tumbling Team: Molly Mamo, Tamia Fonua, Emily Robertson-Hahn, Hayley Sepping
Silver Medalists

Maddie Hamilton U11 Tumbling

Jasmine Rodziewicz U13 Tumbling

Tamia Fonua Youth Tumbling

Blake Grainger Senior Tumbling


Bronze Medalists

Hayley Sepping  Youth Tumbling

Koralee Catlett Youth Synch Tramp

Tamia Fonua Youth Synch Tramp

Neil Tausili Youth Tumbling