KSTP have proudly completed and are following all the NSW Government policies and procedures.  We continue to update and manage our way of doing things in the gym and continue to update our members by regular communication.   What was orignally called our ‘Return to Gym plan’ then ‘Continue in the Gym plan’ is now our Covid Safety Member Handbook updated 28 October 2021 This document will be continually updated and emailed to our members as changes from peak bodies are put in place.

In addition, as part of our commitment to being a COVIDSafe Business we adopted the Gymnastics NSW Return to Gymnastics Plan, by orginally completing and following the Gymnastics NSW Return to Sport Plan. more detailed information can be found at www.gymnsw.org.au/reboot.   We also have the NSW Government Safety Plan which is updated when necessary and submitteed.

As part of our commitment to keeping our members informed we email communiques which can also be found below.


28th March 2022 Letter from Management
  • Addressing ‘stay at home’ requirements.
13th January 2022 Covid Safety Member Handbook Updated
  • Updated KSTP Safety Plan
15th December 2021
  • Vaccination status for all members and parents lifted
  • KSTP requirement remain that all staff are vaccinated
25th October 2021 Covid Safety Member Handbook
  • Updated KSTP Safety Plan
  • Masks no longer required for athletes when training
11th October 2021
  • Vaccination Policy
  • KSTP are following the NSW Public Health Order that states only fully vaccinated adults or those with a exemption form from a medical professional can return
  • All KSTP coaches are fully vaccinated
7th October 2021 Return to the gym
  • Re-opening Monday 11th October 2021
  • Link to book classes
  • KSTP Wellness Policy
  • KSTP Safety Plan
26th June 2021
  • KSTP is closed for two weeks as per NSW State Government orders.
  • Re-open date expected 12 July 2021.
21st June 2021
  • Masks must be worn by coaches, parents and students 12 years and over.
31 May 2021
  • KSTP want to re-iterate, with the escalation in cases in Victoria, and many Victorians’ coming into NSW to avoid the lockdown.  We take safeguarding our members seriously.  Please ensure;
  • Do not send your child if they or anyone in the family has any flu like symptoms.
  • Do not send your child if you have been with anyone from Victoria during May.
  • All parents and visitors must sign in using the Services NSW QR Code upon entry.
  • Sanitizer must be used upon entry.
  • Our coaches continue to wipe down equipment between rotations.
  • Your attention and cooperation is appreciated.
7th May 2021 Announcement from GymNSW
  • As advised by Gymnastics NSW, masks are not required for coaches.
  • Signing in using the Services NSW QR Code is still necessary.
6th May 2021 Announcement from NSW Government
  • As per the NSW State Government announcement masks are mandatory for indoors for our coaches.  All coaches will be wearing masks.  Our Club Competition scheduled for Sat 8th May is postponed.
  • All adults entering our premises must use the QR Code to sign in.
12th Feb 2021
  • As per the NSW State Government announcement masks are no longer mandatory with some exceptions that do not affect our gym.
11th Jan 2021
  • As per the NSW State Government announcing masks are to be made mandatory indoors, as announced on our Facebook page and within the January Communique (see Latest News Tab) we request all adults to wear a mask when entering the foyer.
  • Our coaches will, where they can, wear a mask during classes.
23rd Dec 2020
  • KSTP changed the QR Code from Jotform to Services NSW as per the NSW State Government requirements.
  • All members were advised through December Communique’ (see Latest News tab)
25 Nov 2020 KSTP Safety Plan
  • NSW Government KSTP Safety Plan
  • Performance times
20 Oct 2020 Continue in Gym Handbook
  • Updated Club Handbook during Covid
26 Aug 2020 Communique’ GymNSW Suggested Travel Distance
  • Gymnastics NSW suggested travel perimeter
  • Covid reminders
  • Changes to usual end of year events
  • School holiday activities
13 July 2020 Communique’ KSTP Covid Wellness Policy
  • New KSTP Covid Wellness Policy
  • Updated KSTP Back to Gym Handbook
  • New Adults class
  • Fun & Fitness Holiday Program, members book now to use your term 1 makeup class
30 June 2020 Letter from our Club Owners
  • Letter addressing members on returning from Covid shutdown
20 May 2020 Covid Communique’ 5
  • Introducing KSTP Bootcamps
  • KSTP Google Classroom
6 May 2020 Covid Communique’ 4
  • Introducing KSTP Google Classroom
27 April 2020 Covid Communique’ 3
  • How to set up KSTP Google Classroom
9th April 2020 Covid Communique’ 2
  • Fees and our staff
  • Events moving forward
  • Online training and home program
  • Suggested home training schedule
23rd March 2020 Covid Communique’ 1
  • Letter from our club directors