International Competition for KSTP athletes

International experience for our athletes is becoming part of the annual calendar and the term 3 holidays saw yet another trip, this time to Spain for the Valladolid World Cup and the Age Group International Tournament.  The team of nineteen consisted of two coaches, Dima Kachan for tumbling and Vanessa Catto for dmt, our highly organised Rebecca Kachan who was not only team manager but also the chaperone, and sixteen athletes.

Our three senior tumblers, Blake Grainger, Jack Hemmings and Ethan McGuinness represented Australia along with the trampoline team at the World Cup. This was the boys second World Cup competition, and the previous experience showed, with the boys performing strong routines.
Blake Grainger was extremely strong, with his impressive lines seeing him place third! This was KSTP’s first medal at an international senior competition where he picked up Bronze, we are extremely proud of this result for Blake and his family. Ethan made the finals finishing in 5th position with a very strong routine but too much power in one of his landings. Jack performed his routines well, looking strong but with unfortunate landings.

The Age Group International Tournament was held in conjunction with the World Cup, athletes compete for their club and our strong team of thirteen athletes put on a marvelous show of what they are capable of and what KSTP is producing in the way of quality tumbling. Of the thirteen athletes, we had ten who had international competition experience (Joshua Blench, Koralee Catlett, Breanah Cauchi, Tamia Fonua, Ella Hamilton, Damon Louwen, Rylee McKeon, Cheyanna Robinson, Madison Rodd, Hayley Sepping) with three athletes competing in their first international tumbling competition (Alysse Duffy, Ayla Knappick, Jaid Otrupeck). This is exciting for us as it shows the progression of athletes within the gym and that hard work pays off giving amazing opportunities. A special mention goes to Molly Mamo who has had a stellar year in reaching goals in her routines but sadly sustained an injury just before the team left for Spain. Molly was a wealth of support back home and will work hard with coach Dima and physiotherapist Jenny O’Neill to ensure a strong recovery which will see her back in 2020.

Trips such as this are self-funded, and having support from the community assists families towards the costs. We can’t thank the sponsors enough, thank you to our two major sponsors Pain Away and AEW St Marys.
Congratulations to our medalists;

Gold Medals:
Cheyanna Robinson in 17-21 dmt,
Damon Louwen in 13/14 tumbling and dmt,
Joshua Blench in 11-12 tumbling and dmt,
Koralee Catlett in 13/14 tumbling and dmt,
Rylee McKeon in 11/12 tumbling

Silver Medals:
Hayley Sepping in 13/14 tumbling and dmt

Bronze Medals:
Blake Grainger in Senior World Cup Tumbling
Breanah Cauchi in 13/14 tumbling
Rylee McKeon in 11/12 dmt
Tamia Fonua in 13/14 dmt

For the full KSTP results, click here to download.