The 2019 Australian Championships were held at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena. KSTP had 18 representatives on the NSW Team competing over the three disciplines, Tumbling, trampoline and DMT with KSTP Head Coach Dima appointed the State International Stream Tumbling Coach with Jack Hemmings the State National Stream Coach for Tumbling.

During the event KSTP as a club and two of our athletes were acknowledged by the National Committee. Congratulations to the following;

•   KSTP awarded the 2018 Coaching Team of the Year for Trampoline Sports.
•   Tamia Fonua awarded the Trampoline Sports Junior Female Gymnast of the Year
•   Jack Hemmings received an acknowledgement for competing at his tenth Nationals.

Our athletes were amazing on the floor, many achieving personal records with scores or routines We are proud to share the following outstanding results:

12 GOLD medals and new Australian Champions
Ayla Knappick in National Level 7 Tumbling and DMT
Damon Louwen in Youth U15 Dmt
Ethan McGuinness in Senior Tumbling
Hayley Sepping in National Level 7 Individual Trampoline & Synchronized Trampoline with partner
Joshua Blench in Youth U13 Tumbling
Molly Mamo in Youth U15 Dmt
Rylee McKeon in Youth U13 Tumbling
Tamia Fonua in Youth U15 Tumbling
Team Tumbling Event: Female Tamia, Molly, Koralee and Rylee
Team Tumbling Event: Male Ethan, Blake, Jack and Josh

5 SILVER medals
Blake Grainger in Senior Tumbling
Damon Louwen in Youth U15 Tumbling
Hayley Sepping in Youth U15 Dmt
Molly Mamo in Youth U15 Tumbling
Team DMT Event: Cheyanna and Molly were selected to be part of NSW Woman’s International Team.

3 individual BRONZE medals
Jack Hemmings in Senior Tumbling
Koralee Catlett in Youth U15 Tumbling
Madison Rodd in Youth U15 Dmt

To download the full results click here.